Rising Starlet: Jen Oda

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It sure feels like the passion movement in January is reaching its peak especially with the emergence of the heavenly Jen Oda. This Japanese/Brazilian/Canadian hottie has upcoming appearances on Season 10 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and the final season of “Parks and Recreation” in the space of a week! Starting on 21st Jan, she can be seen as Nina who partakes in a group date and will be in scenes opposite acclaim comedian Danny Devito. Come 27th Jan, she’ll be rousing us together with Aziz Ansari who we know is one shrewd funnyman. If ever there was a time to be enthused over Jen, this is the opportunity to extol her merits which extends beyond just beauty. She did recently graced the Golden Globe awards so her eye-catching ways are here to stay.

Jen has indeed excelled in a host of characters, from a wife whose marriage is seemingly on the rocks in “Dry Dock” and a resident of a building teeming with demonic forces in “Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs”. The diversity of faces especially on television as well as the indie genre and the quality of their onscreen craft is why audiences are lapping it all up with fervor. Jen’s distinguishing foxiness is certainly to be remembered and hers will be a name we can’t wait to hear repeatedly.

Drop by the JEN ODA OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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