Indie Darlings To Crave at Sundance Film Festival 2015

1. Chantal Thuy in “Dog Bowl”

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– Chantal is a Canadian Sweetheart with the graceful beauty to warm the heart and plant the seeds of adoration in our hearts.
– Sundance has been the platform for numerous breakthrough talents and Chantal’s appearance in the quirky comedy “Dog Bowl” should get her on everyone’s radar.
– Becoming an internationally recognized actress is one of her goals and with her all delectable appeal, Chantal may already be on course for much success.

2. Mary Kate Wiles in “I Ship It”


– If there’s one actress who is crave-worthy every year it would be the undeniably charismatic Mary Kate Wiles, indie fav and web vixen extraodinaire.
– Especially since she’s attending a shorts filmmakers reception at Sundance and will be in Park City from January 22nd – 27th!
– An excerpt from her latest short film “I Ship It” will be screening and many around the world will be fascinated with her character Zoe who battles her ex in wizard rock Harry Potter style!

3. Emily Tremaine in “Experimenter”


– Don’t miss her alongside big names such as Winona Ryder, Taryn Manning and Kellan Lutz in “Experimenter”, the biopic of famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram.
– “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and “The Blacklist” got Emily noticed and expect her to garner even more attention at this year’s Sundance.
– Just like Winona, Emily is endowed with the uncanny sultriness that could well turn her into an onscreen crush for a long time.

4. Nora Kirkpatrick in “Pink Grapefruit”


– Nora does indeed have the free spirited magnetism that ensures she’s an addiction at any independent film festival.
– She’s been said to be a delight during interviews which affirms why she’s always been very much in demand, be it as actress as well as a musician.
– Her short film “Pink Grapefruit” is making it premiere at Sundance and she’ll likely be as intriguing as the fruit (or is it?) in the title…:)

5. Tonantzin Carmelo in “Entertainment”


– Tonantzin should be lauded in the hot list of fashionable women which comes by every year as she’s effortlessly drop dead gorgeous.
– She was eye-catching in the political thriller “The Activist” and she’ll likely dazzle once more in the surreal drama “Entertainment” set in the Mojave Desert.
– It’s time our obsession for wonderful Native American actresses gets stronger and Tonantzin portrays an honesty onscreen that will drive up loads of interest.

6. Dale Raoul in “The Bronze”


– Already a television personality thanks to “True Blood” and “Under The Dome”, Dale is making her presence felt on the independent scene as well.
– Don’t miss her at her enthralling best in “The Bronze” starring Melissa Rauch about a foul-mouth gymnast threatened by a new rival.
– She is slated to appear alongside James Franco in “The Labyrinth” and with her track record in horror, this is likely to be a hit.

7. Stephanie Allynne in “People, Places, Things”


– Known as an accomplished comedic talent, Stephanie puts in a solid performance in “People, Places, Things” which is generating tons of buzz.
– Last year she starred in “Gregory Go Boom” and this time around this maven of improv comedy will be eagerly followed at Sundance.
– While there’s no trailer for “People, Places, Things”, watch her in the video “No Is A Full Sentence” and be captivated by this sweet-voiced thespian.

8. Dustin Quick in “Reversal”


– There’s no doubt that blonde bombshell Dustin is a vamp and this actress/model is pure delight in our eyes.
– Don’t miss her in the psychological thriller “Reversal” where a sexual predator who chains up women is given a taste of his own medicine.
– Judging from her reel (above), if there’s one lady who can be immaculate covered in blood, it would be Dustin who is steadily gaining attention in the horror genre.

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