Screen Hotties To Crave @ Slamdance 2015

1. Emma Fitzpatrick & Patricia Rae in “Bloodsucking Bastards”

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– Don’t miss this sexy duo in the vampire thriller “Bloodsucking Bastards” which has been dubbed Office Space meets 30 Days of Night!
– Known for channeling vulnerable yet tenacious feminine roles such as in “The Collection” and for her signature pixie hair, Emma gets all bloody when the undead invade the confines of her workplace.
– Already regarded as a fine talent ever since she starred in “Maria Full Of Grace” and undeniably an Onscreen Vamp, Patricia projects a credible yet beguiling presence throughout her career.

2. Julie Marie Hassett in “Passport”

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– Julie is both starring and producing the short “Passport” which tells of a fictitious evening in the life of Marilyn Monroe during the filming of The Misfits.
– Having caught the eye in the intimate familial film “Joy”, she’s showcasing her indie cred yet again at this year’s Slamdance.
– This foxy brunette has a distinctive allure that’s always been evident in the roles she’s done which include being a werewolf and a dominatrix.

3. Lindsey Haun directs “Coming To”


– There’s numerous reasons why Lindsey is the apple of our eyes and she’s attracting loads of interest onscreen as well as offscreen as a blossoming director/writer.
– With her short “Coming To” premiering at Slamdance 2015 that’s about a dude waking up in a Koreatown hallway, naked except for a cock ring and frilly scarf, she’s set to be an enthralling vision at the indie film festival in Park City!
– After memorable stints on “True Blood” and “Graceland”, if there’s one actress whom we love to see have her own show it would be the immensely gifted Miss Lindsey Haun.

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