Indie Princess: Rebecca Harris


This week is about recognizing the work of every actress that’s enlivening the indie world and Rebecca Harris is one to keep note of. Come January 28th at Slamdance 2015, catch her in “Stay Awake” as a mother who is addicted to a prescription drug and whose two sons are wavering in their belief that they can somehow cure her.

Here’s Rebecca with some interesting on her dramatic short:

I am very pleased to be a part of Stay Awake and so happy for the director etc. that the film has been invited to Slam Dance and now to the Berlin Film festival as well. I play the mother of two teenagers in this short film which, while biologically feasible, isn’t something that I get to play very often. She was a very young mom.

Portraying mothers does at time introduce various complications for instance Angelina Jolie most famously played mum to Colin Farrell in “Alexander” who was actually older than her! Kudos to all the performers including Rebecca who have shown their dedication in tackling such roles. With the familial bond on the rocks such as the one she essays in “Stay Awake”, Rebecca will be a very interesting watch. On film, she has rubbed shoulders with Matthew McConaughey in “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” and also been in the runaway train thriller “Unstoppable” which starred Denzel Washington. She’s also active in the theatre scene as well as television. Independent cinema more than most extols the most diverse faces to front the screens and audiences will easily relate to the luminous Rebecca.

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