Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 30 Jan 2015

1. Sherri Eakin in “Hayride 2”

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– Sherri Eakins is one of the most desirable actresses on the independent scene and she’s headlining Hayride 2, the sequel to the thrilling first installment “Hayride”.
– With the trailer amidst those such as the Eli Roth helmed erotic piece “Knock Knock” starring Keanu Reeves and “Fantastic Four” (delicious Kate Mara is in this) on IMDB, the ravishing Sherri is bound for sheer obsession!
– In the horror genre, Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare On Elm Street) was one of my idols and with her intensity as the survivor Amanda facing up to a twisted serial killer (just like Nancy) in “Hayride 2”, Sherri is exciting this generation of horror fans.

2. Dina Shihabi in “Amira And Sam”


– With her cross cultural dramedy “Amira & Sam” due for release on January 30th, expects all eyes to be on this future star who enchanted us in the skin of a complex female character like Amira who enters a complicated relationship with US soldier Sam (Martin Starr).
– Well Dina does star alongside one hunky guy in the shape of Paul Wesley (who plays Sam’s Bro Charlie) and has acknowledged his many virtues.
– Sheila Vand (from the vampire flick “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”) who is of Iranian descent and Dina herself who was born in Dubai are proving that there are immensely talented actresses with ties to The Middle East who are going to be very much coveted.

3. Jessica Blank in “Elementary”


– Jessica goes all blonde in this week’s episode The One That Got Away of the hit series “Elementary” and she’s effortlessly one of the foxiest ladies on TV right now.
– She did spice up “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” as a dominatrix who loves to mete our punishment and is on course to sizzle up “Blue Bloods” in February.
– Jessica has bags of talent (she’s an actress-novelist-playwright-screenwriter-producer) and her appeal that borders on the flirtatious is the right kind of ingredient for global fascination.

4. Bertila Diamas & Rebecca McFarland in “Red Band Society”

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– Here are two women whom I’m already addicted to and this duo has been eye-catching for quite some time especially on television.
– Bertila famously appeared as the mystic Pilar in “Grimm” and this beguiling actress has followed that up with memorable guest-starring roles on “Red Band Society” as well as the upcoming “Bosch”.
– Every time Rebecca makes her presence felt on TV, she’s been a real charmer and she’ll be captivating us yet again in the finale of “Red Band Society”

5. Jennifer Blanc in “Everly”


– Don’t miss Jennifer going toe to toe with Salma Hayek in “Everly”. She plays Dena a prostitute who is one of the assassins out to kill the titular Everly (Salma).
– Having heated up the pages of German Penthouse in an enticing spread, Jennifer can be anointed as a Sex Symbol which of course includes the Mexican Vixen Salma.
– A crave-worthy, versatile performer, this busty blonde is of course appearing in the must-see “Fetish Factory” as one of the Pin-up Vixens alongside Carrie Keagan who battles zombies in a post-apocalyptic Hollywood.

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