TV Vixens To Crave in 2015

1. Romina D’Ugo in “12 Monkeys”


– With her role as Max in the new series “12 Monkeys” being lauded as being an Apocalyptic crush, we already envision her being a most endearing turn-on for sci-fi fans! Watch her in the 3rd episode “Cassandra Complex” and many will be wishing she returns for more!
– As the woman of the future where in the present she’s been fighting for survival during the onset of a deadly plague, she’s an intriguing vision and her inner strength is reminiscent of another sci-fi hottie Max (once played by Jessica Alba in “Dark Angel”)
– A Goddess in Canada and very soon globally, her beauty is one that’s equal parts innocent mystique and sexy incandescence which is seriously addictive.

2. Elaine Kao in “Hawaii Five-0”


– We say yes to the cutest talents and Elaine has the glow that’s thoroughly sweet so don’t miss her as Dr. Jill Loi, the colleague of a virologist who may have gone rouge in “Hawaii Five-0”. Just like the peeps from “Grey’s Anatomy”, she effortlessly rattles off those rather complicated medical terms which even baffled Scott Caan’s Danny ‘Danno’ Williams.
– Kudos to Elaine as she’s on a roll having guest-starred just last week on “Hart Of Dixie” (which has some of my fav actresses on it) and also appeared on Lisa Kudrow’s satirical comedy series The Comeback”.
– If audiences want to see diversity onscreen,follow the work of this versatile performer who has steadily dazzled and is flying the flag of upcoming Asian-American actresses.

3. Alycia Grant in “Chasing Life”


– Great to see Alycia reprising her role in as Meg in “Chasing Life” next week in the epsiode “Cancer Friends with Benefits”, the cancer stricken friend of April Carver (Italia Ricci) who bond at a support group.
– Her most memorable scene is when she channels female empowerment as Meg whilst wearing blonde wig, stripping at a club which gives her a semblance of sexiness in spite of her illness.
– Praised for being a beautiful soul in “Chasing Life”, it would be so fascinating to see this graceful actress play a love interest in the near future. Aren’t you piqued yet?

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