Sizzling Cutie: Candace Hammer

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Candace Hammer is a beloved gem who is easy on the eyes with a twinkle of innocent temptation that deserves a warm embrace. We’re gravitated towards lovelies in the vein of Kristen Bell from “Veronica Mars” and Alison Brie from “Community” for some time so likewise adoration may come Candace’s way soon enough. I’ve also seen numerous actresses soaring to great heights achieving success on TV and have been lucky to have featured them here on this blog. One only has to look at shows such as “NCIS”, “Last Man Standing”, “Hart Of Dixie”, “Helix” and more to covet those immensely talented women which goes to show Candace may well be on a prosperous run of her own.

In the upcoming episode of “Criminal Minds” this week entitled “Hero Worship” on Feb 4th, she’s playing a young forensic specialist named Einstein, Dylan Einstein. Just from the surname, expect her to be a genius 23 year old, her intellect a PhD- level on par with say someone like Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). She will also be the first two episodes of Aquarius on NBC which sees the return of David Duchovny to television. Set in the 1960s, David’s a detective hot on the trail of a young enigmatic cult leader who would become Charles Manson. When she begins her stint on “Aquarius”, many will be interested to see her in those trendy hippie threads of that colorful era I’m sure just like how “Mad Men” made fashion of yore return with a bang! I also just found that Candace was in one of my fav horror flicks called “From Within” which I remember was from the thrillingly addictive series called 8 Films To Die For by AfterDark Films. Candace does have an effulgent likeability that will find a way into your hearts.

The time is ripe to follow her work at the CANDACE HAMMER OFFICIAL SITE.

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