The Sizzling Women Of Berlinale 2014

1. Christina Bach in “Bloodline”


– One of the few TV series to make it to Berlinale, the drama series “Bloodline” will be graced by the foxy Christina Bach in the very first episode.
– If you’re an obsessed fan of “The Walking Dead”, don’t miss Christina fending off a horde of zombies Bonnie and Clyde style in the indie horror flick ‘Rockabilly Zombie Weekend”.
– Whether it’s on film, photos and on the red carpet, she’s a desirable up and comer with the photogenic comeliness to stir our hearts.

2. Heather Matarazzo in “54: The Director’s Cut”


– Her breakthrough role as Dawn Wiener in “Welcome To The Dollhouse” may be a play on dorkiness but she blew us away with her spot-on delivery of the outsider.
– While she played against type in “Hostel 2”, kudos to Berlinale in bringing back the complete version of “54” where she’s Grace, the loyal sister of club employee Shane O’Shea (Ryan Phillippe) during the decadent disco era.
– Heather is bringing back nostalgia in her upcoming feature “Are You Afraid of the ’90s?” and has also been enchanting TV Land by guest-starring on “Stalker”.

3. Hannah Herzsprung in “Who Am I”


– Just like her counterparts French actress Marion Cotillard and American actress Elisabeth Moss, German starlet Hannah’s appeal is about more than just sex appeal.
– It’s the interesting women she’s come to be associated with on screen just like her abovementioned peers that are certainly getting her recognized on a global scale.
– She channels fragility and having wowed audiences as an unhappily married aristocrat in “Beloved Sisters”, returns to dazzle in her new one “Who Am I”.

4. Haviland Stillwell in “Selma”


– She’s worked with big names such as Rosie O’Donnell, Alfred Molina, Harvey Fierstein, as well as Lea Michele on Broadway and this multi-talented hottie can be seen in the civil rights drama “Selma” as the President’s Secretary.
– Haviland is also in “Magic Mike XXL” and this Savannah, Georgia honey should be lauded for her delectable features, approachable nature and her qualities as an entertainer.
– If you’ve already obsessed by her delicious Southern accent like me, the world will come to covet this flourishing beauty.

5. Rebecca Harris in “Stay Awake”


– I’ve only recently featured Rebecca on this blog for which she’s managed to garner substantial views which points to her rising starlet status.
– With her short film making its premiere at such a prestigious event as the Berlinale, expect her to be favorably looked up in the days ahead.
– It’s an evocative role for Rebecca in “Stay Awake” where she’s a big part of this fascinating look at addiction and we can’t wait for more.

6. Claudia Graf and Carolyn Stotesbery in “Love and Mercy”

 alt=  alt=

– The biopic of reclusive Beach Boys songwriter and musician Brian Wilson is a celebration of all things beautiful; rock music and beautiful women i.e. Elizabeth Banks as well as the lovely duo of Claudia and Carolyn who are in supporting roles.
– Actress/Model/Dancer Claudia has the magnetic presence to make an instant impression on viewers and keep us returning for more.
– A film festival is not complete without an indie darling such as Carolyn with this inviting actress being quite the charmer every time we watch her.

7. Katja Riemann in “Die abhandene Welt”


– She may be in her 50s but there’s no doubt award-winning actress Katja remains one of Germany’s premier Screen Goddesses.
– Her obvious traits are of course her sensual curves but this bosomy blonde is also a multi-lingual, multi faceted enchantress.
– Catch her in “Die abhandene Welt” aka “The Misplaced World” as a woman who seeks out her long lost mother who might just be a renowned American opera singer.

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