Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 7 Feb 2015

1. Grace Rex in “Elementary”


– Don’t miss the captivating Grace in the latest episode of “Elementary” entitled Hemlock where she plays Ashley Medina, a woman who is paid to cover up for a man who is no longer employed at his law firm. Grace is in quite the meaty role opposite Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller as her character witnesses the quirks of Sherlock Holmes himself.
– On TV, she has previous links with the law having been in a recurring role as Martha, a potential associate going up against Anna Camp’s attorney in the hit series “The Good Wife”.
– At the upcoming Sedona Film Festival this February, she can be seen in the comedy short “Big Cheat” about a high schooler who concocts an underground cheating society.

2. Laura Londoño in “Escobar: Paradise Lost”


– Laura does play Maria Victoria, the loyal wife of Pablo Escobar which she excelled as hers is one complicated spouse of the infamous Colombian drug kingpin.
– This heavenly Colombian actress could turn out to be one of their sexiest exports since the days of Sex Symbol Sofia Vergara.
– Having started modeling and acting at the tender age of 13, Laura was destined to win affection in Colombia and now she’s set to sizzle across the globe!

3. Riki Lindhome & Angela Trimbur in “The Dramatics”

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– Here are two of the sexiest women in the comedy genre and their penchant for creating humor that revolves around female body parts are so hot!
– Riki memorably bared her boobs in “Hell Baby” and in “Garfunkel and Oates”, she entertainingly parodied the notion of remaining virgins by partaking in backdoor intercourse.
– Angela’s raunchiness whether on film or on a viral video on a consistent basis is indicative of her free-spirited personality which has translated nicely to rabid fandom.

4. Cherie Daly in “Banshee”

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– Check out the gorgeous Cherie Daly in one of the bloodiest episodes of “Banshee” which of course resulted in the death of Deputy Siobhan Kelly (Trieste Kelly Dunn).
– From her role as a vengeful spirit in “Blood Shed” to a sorority sister on “Pretty Litle Liars”, she’s been part of some fascinating folklore on screen.
– Cherie is a delectable mix of Spanish and Sicilian which is a spicy combo indeed and there will be plenty more to come from this talent on the rise!

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