Indie Princess: Jessica Carter Ramsey

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From the oft, one can sense Jessica Carter Ramsey has a sunny personality with her ebullience that many will find tenderly appealing. Since the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fest is currently the talk of town, let’s give kudos to Jessica who is starring in the comedic short “Roommates”. She has parodied Belle of Beauty and The Beast in “Disney Couples Therapy” which went on Funny Or Die as well as youtube. While those characters are fictional, we do find ourselves imaging what their lives would be like. Since it’s Valentine’s Day week, this skit on dysfunctional Disney couples is hilarious with many clamoring for more. This is what you called love (accommodating the idiosyncrasies of your significant other)…LOL! Jessica is an emerging comedienne having started improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade and now rib-tickling her way onscreen.

Here’s Jessica giving us a juicy insight into her role in “Roommates and more:

In “Roommates” I play the character of Kiel who is trying to find someone to sublet her place while she is away. Kiel has a very type A personality and is almost overly sweet. You find out during the short that she has a secret and a reason for meeting these people and is maybe not what she appears to be. This short was a fun process to film, as I wanted to try and ground her in some sort of reality in the worlds she lives in. I also had a fun time with the cast and found out after filming most of them actually thought I wore glasses (as my character does).

As for future projects I am kind of on a comedy trend right now. In April I will be at the LA Web Fest as I am nominated for my work in “Assistance”. A fun dark comedy where I play the assistant to an actress that is not as famous as she thinks she is. The audience gets to experience all the ridicules things Alice (the Assistant) has to put up with. In between these two Fests I will be filming a Comedy entitled Friendzone in which I will be playing the Lesbian neighbor who is fake engaged to her best friend who is a man. (Let the comedy ensue)

Seeing how she’s a big part of several fascinating features, Jessica is blossoming nicely and who knows she may yet follow in the footsteps of her inspiration, fellow actress Lauren Graham. It would be a nice surprise if she could replicate the machine-gun banter (possibly in a comedy pilot) which Lauren so famously conversed with her screen daughter (Alexis Bledel) in “Gilmore Girls”.

It’s time you visit THE JESSICA CARTER RAMSEY OFFICIAL SITE for more on this lovely actress.

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