Sizzling Cutie: Angelina Prendergast

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This week the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival will introduce fine talents such as Angelina Prendergest who is sultriness personified and quite the riveting actress. She is after all the star of the psychological thriller “Unpeaceable” taking on the role of Karen, a visually impaired teen. It’s a challenging role for Angelina and she’s done wonderfully to sparkle throughout while I’m sure getting audiences to root for her predicament. Having made a routine visit to clean the family-owned rental property with her grandmother (Grace Zabriskie), her character Karen is faced with terrors of the night which is something she has to grapple with despite not being able to fathom what’s going on. The acclaimed Audrey Hepburn once played a blind woman who was terrorized in “Wait Until Dark”. Seeing how the trailer of “Unpeaceable” switches from a period of quiet reticence to a crescendo of horror, expect numerous heart-stopping moments. Trying to cause harm to blind people has to be below the belt but it does make for great dramatics.

If you’re the sort with an attraction for unconventional yet cool women such as Krysten Ritter then following the equally quirky Angelina should come naturally. Add her proficiency as a dancer and you have a performance artist who can tell stories in both mediums. HRIFF 2015 is ushering in the moments onscreen that are worthy of their place in the indie genre and this is only made possible by the amazing endeavors of actresses such as Angelina. Let us all be enamored with her.

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