Sizzling Cutie: Annie Baria

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Annie Baria has such lovable features that passionate fervor from viewers would be in the offing from the start. She has that Edie Sedgwick meets Pixie Lott quality which could make her a delectable muse in our time. Plus she’s a blogger too which means I have to spread the love. Here’s her blog ALTARED and she recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of “The Duff” in a sexy blue number. Actually she has 2 blogs, the other one is called BITCH HUMOR that’s a rundown on the funnier side of entertainment. It’s been a while since a blonde has sizzled this blog and I’m glad to say Annie is a hottie hands down. While she has played the occasional dumb blonde in several commercials, look out for her in the comedy “Motherhood” as Annie, a woman facing the tribulations that come with being a new mum. It is screening at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival on Feb 14 which incidentally has a wave of gorgeous ladies set to be women of ardor. “Motherhood” has been complimented on its hilarity which cuts close to domestic woes in real life (Funny Or Die overwhelmingly ranks it on the funny side) and also unabashedly takes a dig at the role of dads.

Annie has written and perform in The Groundlings SUNDAY COMPANY and has guest-starred on the CBS hit “2 Broke Girls” which of course has a delicious fellow blonde by the name of Beth Behrs. Last year, she was in the raunchy comedy “Bro What Happened” alongside actresses Carlee Baker and Amanda Barton who both have made their enticing presence felt at one time or another. Similarly Annie is crafting an enchanting comedic body of work which can only mean her desirable factor is bound to grow!

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