Rising Starlet: Joy Regullano

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Joy Regullano has the comedic timing and the eternal cuteness to spark an affectionate movement. The actress/writer exudes a remarkable perkiness that many viewers will find easy to take a shine too or even get addicted to. Just like a fetish or indulging in one or more types, as this week has shown to be all the rage with “Fifty Shades Of Grey” being the box office champ. Likewise Joy’s sketch “White Fetish” with close to 1 million views on youtube should be something to lust after too! She takes the mickey out of traits such as ignorance and of course the fetish for Asian Women. Joy is a hoot throughout, exposing what’s it like on the other side of the fence. The part when her character regales how being white is so exotic complete with a creepy stare is just killer! You can almost smell the truth in this skit that turn the tables on how minorities feel but at the end of the day, it’s about the humor and Joy has crafted a winner here! She also has a whole season of “White Fetish” episodes coming down the pipeline and it be making the rounds at film festivals, this week of course at the ongoing Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

No surprises that she was a certified scene stealer in the 200th Episode of “Supernatural” as Maeve, the schoolgirl cum stage manager with the sardonic demeanor who drives the musical inspired by the Winchester Brothers. Those who have seen Joy would have been privy to her charm as the banter between her and Dean (Jensen Ackles) smacks of comic gold. With that in mind, I can envision her being on the nerdiest hit on TV “The Big Bang Theory”. There may already be Raj (Kunal Nayyar) but the show is certainly crying out for a blossoming Asian comedienne and Joy would fit the bill with unerring verve. Everyone knows that being a funnywoman is one of the hardest artforms and Joy has breathed life into it with such cheeky guile. We can’t wait for her to take over the world!

Do drop by THE JOY REGULLANO OFFICIAL SITE to be endlessly captivated.

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