Foxy Femme: Clotilde Delavennat

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The sensual Clotilde Delavennat is on her way to instil fascination and adoration in equal measure. This ravishing redhead hails from France and she’s making tracks in the arena of film, elegantly beautiful and a promising entertainer. I think it’s a blessing to be enraptured by French actresses and Clotilde tantalizes the eyes in a big way! She is starring in “Hollywood Street”, a tale of chasing the dream in the bright lights of Tinseltown which screens at this year’s Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fest. With her being an immigrant from Europe, she’s able to dramatize the journey of her character Molly with equable authenticity. Clotilde has been lauded for being fearless and depicting emotions that has intriguing levels of depth. Intelligent, articulate and potently photogenic, she is a talent with the potential to be an alluring personality. Clearly, Clotilde is born to walk the red carpet.

Romanticism and France seems to have a symbiotic connection so it would be great to see Clotilde in a richly unfolding love story sometime in the near future. Falling in love with her should come readily and since we can acknowledge her to be one of the Les belles personnes (beautiful people), eyes will be cast admiringly on Clotilde. She also has ambitions of being an enchanter in Nollywood which is Nigeria’s equivalent of Hollywood, the country’s vibrant industry that’s on its way up! That would mean appreciating her many wonders on 2 fronts which would make her very coveted.

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