Sizzling Cutie: Leah Kercheville

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All eyes are always on adorable women such as Leah Kercheville who is as enchanting as they come. Her cherubic beauty is but one part of her characteristic appeal that viewers can be lovingly attuned to. She can be seen in the horror comedy “Two Bedrooms” who together with her friend team up with a pizza delivery guy as Ghostbusters to confront a spirit in their new apartment. Leah plays Hope who after convincing her friend Vera to move in with her finds that maybe her decision was a little hasty on account of their abode’s creepy surroundings. Even without a trailer, this has intrigue written all over and with “Two Bedrooms” winning Best Horror Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2015, the film could win a cult following.

It’s not the first time, Leah has been in a haunted house situation having appeared in an episode of the TV Series “My Haunted House”. Besides her acting endeavors, she’s also a certified yoga teacher in keeping with her serene identity. With her endearing face that’s destined to evoke ardor, Leah can go a long way in becoming the Screen Sweetheart.

Remember to visit the Leah Kercheville Official Site for more updates.

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