Sizzling Cutie: Abbi Snee


Hottie spotting should be the words of praise to describe women on television right now and they do come in luscious form just like upcoming talent Abbi Snee. She recently guest-starred on “Gotham” as Mary Lloyd whom in Batman lore is prominent as the mother of Dick Grayson aka Robin. As Mary who is stridently outspoken, Abbi played her with quite the fire in her belly on top of being enchanting of course. With the black heart emblazoned on her cheeks, you could almost fathom her as a heartbreaker but she’s actually pretty sweet. Abbi joins the likes of Erin Richards and recent addition Morena Baccarin as women we would not hesitate to adore. Many may be obsessed over the villains on the hit show but I’m more inclined to appreciating the ladies…that Camren Bicondova for instance could grow up into a stunner!

Well let’s hope the Mary Lloyd storyline will be expanded in future “Gotham” episodes on account that Jerome Lloyd, the would be Joker is lurking in the shadows. That would mean casting a keen eye on Abbi. She has appeared alongside Leighton Meester in an episode of “Gossip Girl” and judging from the clip in her reel (above), it’s a gorgeousness overload. Some actresses can instantly warm up to viewers just like the radiant Abbi who is definitely one to cherish.

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