Darlings To Crave @ Cinequest Film Festival 2015

1. Emily Goss in “The House On Pine Street”

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– Be drawn to the riveting performance of Emily in “The House On Pine Street” which has deservedly been lauded as part of “Cinequest 2015: 6 Films You Need to See”!
– Set to be a buzzworthy face at Cinequest, the memorably adorable Emily is ensuring audiences get a taste of her depth as Jennifer, the tormented woman in the throes of pregnancy and haunted by her circumstance.
– With her upcoming guest-starring role in Season 10 of “Criminal Minds”, she’s cementing her status as the indie starlet with an exceptional ability to enthrall.

2. Kosha Patel in “Miss India America”

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– Kudos to the very cute Kosha for bring laughter into our lives joining the likes of Hannah Simone in the must watch comedy “Miss India America”.
– Don’t miss her as Seema, the reliable friend who comes to the aid of egoistic Lily Prasad (Tiya Sircar) with lofty ambitions of winning the Indian American beauty pageant. Where’s the trailer so we can view the comedic ebullience of Kosha I say!
– The so-called whiteness or better known as brightest at the Oscars is a timely reminder that we need to trumpet the exceptional work of actresses especially from Asia notably the luminous, humor diva Miss Kosha Patel.

3. Jordan Hayes in “Milwaukee”


– She is lusciousness personified and it’s no wonder Jordan’s endearing appeal has taken the world by storm both on and off screen!
– As Dr Sarah Jordan who dazzles on Season 2 of “Helix”, she brings her distinctive gravitas in every episode. Showcasing her supreme talents, check out the awesome interview for the priceless part when she rattles off a monologue of medical terms (which was cut).
– At Cinequest, she’ll be coveted yet again having written, produced and is the star of the indie drama “Milwaukee” which poses the question ‘Are we really meant to be monogamous’.

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