Sizzling Cutie: Jessica Willis

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Many will agree that lusciousness is an adorable trait audiences have continually loved and upcoming actress Jessica Willis has the inviting appeal to last a lifetime. She’s starring in the flick “The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie” which harks back to the days of campy comedic-horror! With the trailer making the list of new releases on IMDB this week, it says a lot about the film’s potential pull factor for indie fans. There’s always a niche in film-making that will build its own cult following and “The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie” could do just that…of course there’s the bubbly Jessica to leave us enchanted.

Here’s a glimpse into Jessica’s current and upcoming projects:

My upcoming projects include Cypress Creek. The Ouija Experiment 2 just had it’s premier and is due to be release soon. I played Rosa in “The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie”. Rosa reminds me a little of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She is sweet and perky but knows what she wants. I love that the movie is something that can be shared with the whole family. It was inspired by things like Hocus Pocus and Goosebumps. Many people that are parents now will remember watching those things as children so it may have a bit of a nostalgic feeling for them.

Great to see Jessica mixing it up and expanding into roles that are not just straight up horror. She’s also easy on the eyes and having seen one of her pics all dressed up as Margot Tenenbaum (from the hit movie “The Royal Tenenbaums”), Jessica would be excellent in playing off the wall women onscreen. Is this the rise of a quirky blonde indie actress in the vein of Krysten Ritter perhaps…:) Jessica is steadily making waves on the horror scene and she may soon be a name to leave us enamored.

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