Indie Princess: Deanna Sherman

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Deanna Sherman is a vibrantly beautiful actress and filmmaker who is about to have a dazzling impact in the indie genre. March will see the motherload of film festivals that celebrate innovative indie film-making and fans can rejoice as we are captivated by the ever growing list of lovable talents! Check out Deanna in the comedic short “Check Please” which screens at the Fargo Film Festival 2015. It’s about the envious pride that gets in the way of two men as soon as the check arrives during their double date at a restaurant. Deanna plays the embarrassed spouse Kim who is witness to the Green Monster that erupts from her onscreen husband Gary (Jamie Sorge).

The realms of horror and thriller are also where Deanna has made her presence felt with upcoming roles in “Raw Focus” as well as “The Tank”. The latter being a simulation that mimics traveling to Mars that ends sideways which has quite the fascinating premise! Having already concocted a short film project about Zombies called “Undead Fred” and being inspired by the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, she may just yet take on the mantle of Scream Queen. In the mean time, let’s champion the onscreen endeavors of the vivacious Deanna who like so many indie talents deserve the plaudits for their dedication to their craft.

Visit the DEANNA SHERMAN OFFICIAL SITE to get a glimpse of her upcoming projects.

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