Rising Starlet: Angela DiMarco

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Luminously eye-catching Angela DiMarco has the sereneness to garner plenty of affection and she’s a formidable talent too. Here is a captivator who can excel in any genre and with the DVD release of her absorbing sci-fi horror tale “The Device” in March, Angela is set to thrill us. “The Device” tells of 2 estranged sisters who stumble upon what seems like an alien object that changes their lives forever! Her emotionally wrought and multi-layered performance as Abby, the woman who senses a foreboding alien-like presence as well as her chemistry with onscreen sister Rebecca (Kate Alden) makes her a superlative actress.

If you’re looking for a compelling romantic tale then make sure not to miss Angela in soon to be realized thriller “Brides To Be”. She stars as Robin, the fiancee of Jenna who are so much in love but their passion is tested when a supernatural force threatens their bond. Don’t miss the wondrous trailer (above) and yet again Angela mesmerizes, her stirring presence elevating “Brides To Be” to eminent heights. This is a touching love story unlike anything I’ve seen and the world should definitely discover this gem. On top of seeing Angela’s girl-on-girl kissing scenes of course…:) Last year, she guest-starred on the hit show “Grimm” and 2015 is a busy year for her as she’s just wrapped up filming on several features and gracing the red carpet (which she will do I’m sure for many years to come). Angela could well be hailed one of the most evocative up and coming actresses.

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