Sizzling Women To Adore @ Omaha Film Festival 2015

1. Heather L. Tyler in “Scaremonger”

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– Extremely ravishing, indie darling Heather has played a range of female characters with distinction in a multitude of genres.
– One can’t help but be transfixed by her performance in the short film “Scaremonger” as Melissa, the protective mother who soon comes to realize that abandoning her own fears may just aid his own.
– If you’re into enigmatic faces ala Vera Farmiga, then make sure you pour your passion into Heather who has an undeniably personable disposition coupled with her exceptional talent.

2. Anne Gregory in “Lose-Lose”


– This cute actress and writer has what it takes to tickle our ribs silly with hints of sassy appeal that is always a big draw.
– Anne stars in “Lose-Lose” as Dana, a soon-to-be-divorcee who is squabbling with her ex over her nude painting. Bet many of you can’t wait to see that piece of art!
– Don’t miss the super funny clip (above) from her film “Lose- Lose as her character Dana describes her sex life in lascivious detail.

3. Michelle Clunie in “A Sort of Homecoming”


– The recent big news for Michelle is of course welcoming her new son with her partner Bryan Singer, the openly bisexual director of the X-Men franchise.
– “A Sort of Homecoming” sees her as Amy a New York news producer who thought she left her high school experiences long in the past until a reunion brings back some rough memories of her senior year.
– From “Queer As Folk” to “Make It Or Break It, she’s known for her feisty roles and in keeping with that theme, Michelle gets sexier with each passing day.

4. Michelle Davidson in “Gotcher”

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– Best known for her work on the comedic Web series, “The Unreal Housewives of KC”, which got her a Best Actress award, she’s making waves on the independent scene too.
– She stars in the horror short “Gotcher” as a woman who lost something precious and she’ll provide the shock value when viewers realize what she’s missing!
– With her multiple talents as an award-winning writer, producer, actor and host, Michelle is all set to take on the world!

5. Chryssie Whitehead in “Lucky Stiff”

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– If there’s one luscious actress everyone should be addicted to, that would be Chryssie Whitehead who can be quite the heart stirrer.
– Catch her opposite Jason Alexander in the raucous musical comedy “Lucky Stiff” about a man who gets a multi-million dollar inheritance with strings attached of course.
– Chryssie certainly dazzled the eyes in her episodic arc on the final season of “Warehouse 13” being the perfect sister to Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti).

6. Sidney Leeder in “Bang Bang Baby”

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– Hottie Sidney Leeder is a big reason why we fall at the feet of Canadian actresses since she’s the immaculate mix of sweetness and sensuality.
– She does however play a mean girl called Eleanor in “Bang Bang Baby” doing her worst in crushing the dreams of Stepphy (Jane Levy) in becoming a famous singer.
– Check her out in “The Hazing Secret” if you haven’t already as she’s just absolutely delectable in the role of Melissa…that’s until she becomes the victim of a sorority hazing gone wrong!

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