Blonde Bombshell: Jenny Shakeshaft

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Exuding an instant sex appeal, Jenny Shakeshaft is expected to be on the list of desirable women in 2015. Some are born with a natural magnetism which Jenny is blessed with and this comely blonde is set for a wave of adulation. In the same way Elizabeth Banks tugs at your heartstrings, Jenny herself is palpably becoming an actress to pique avid interest especially this week. She is going to be a big reason why we are so addicted to scripted television especially since she’s appearing on this Wednesday’s episode of “Workaholics”. Having seen a sneak peek photo, she’s slated to be a real temptation in the episode “Wedding Thrashers” so tune in to Comedy Central! Do check out her reel: showcasing her glittering work across a myriad of genres. Her string of feisty roles where she encompasses boldness has to be admired.

Fortune has constantly smiled upon me as I’ve been privy to the brightest talents such as Jenny who on top of being stunning beauties, bring us cinematic bliss. She also harbors an ambition of writing a screenplay that will highlight her love for comedy. “Workaholics” is a series known for celebrating the sexiness of the female species and in the same token, this is the blog that acknowledges their perpetual allurement. Anointing Jenny as a soon to be coveted face on any medium is very much a must.

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