Screen Hotties To Crave at SXSW 2015 – Part 1

1. Jennifer Lafleur in “Lamb” & “6 Years”


– When one has 2 features screening at SXSW and is expected to grace the red carpet festivities, all eyes are bound to gaze passionately at fast rising starlet Jennifer.
– While she’s exceptional at comedy, her features “Lamb” & “6 Years” are more character-driven and it’s her versatility that’s a main driver for adoration among viewers.
– Despite there being no trailers, the trailer for her project “Wedlock” is a must-see as it showcases her undeniable glow and her aptness to keep us engrossed.

2. Courtney Halverson in “Unfriended”


– There’s no other way but to say that Courtney is an addiction, this come-hither ginger darling is consistently a picture of innocent sensuality.
– With her skype thriller “Unfriended” generating tons of prominence in the days leading up to SXSW, she’s about to reach sizzling heights!
– That and the fact she’s appearing in Season 2 of “True Detective” is certainly putting her name of the entertainment map.

3. Breeda Wool in “UnReal”

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– Breeda is slated to play Faith, a contestant on the dating show who is trying to find love in “UnReal”, where reality TV is the manipulation of lives to instigate arousing drama.
– Ever the captivator, she’s also quite the chameleon-like actress and ensures Brit Marling is not the only blonde in high demand at film festivals.
– She is making her way to SXSW in support of her series “UnReal” and what better time than to be touched by a truly amazing talent.

4. Kelly Pantaleoni in “The Comedians”


– After Teresa Palmer and Claire Holt, Kelly could well join them in the pantheon of Sexy Aussie starlets with the undeniable beguiling essence.
– She’s conquered Cannes with her stirring feature “Artful Gambit” and now is a cert for fandom with her upcoming appearance on the Billy Crystal TV show “The Comedians”.
– Kelly has ambitions to take on the role of a badass female lead and with her potent sex appeal, that will be something to rave about!

5. Lindsay Burdge in “The Invitation”


– Lindsay is deserving of a Best Actress Award as she’s in loads of films in 2015, establishing herself as a phenomenal indie actress.
– There may be no trailer yet for Karyn Kusama’s new thriller “The Invitation” but you can see from her other movie “Up the River” that Lindsay is taking us on another journey into our dark desires.
– Soccer may have The Special One but here is a special lady with the exception ability to stimulate our minds via the striking characters she plays.

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