SXSW 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Bethany Orr


The annual SXSW film fest is where stars are heralded and Bethany Orr exudes a compelling front the world will soon savor. Known for embodying fearless characters threading on the dark slice of life, she stars in the body-horror flick “Excess Flesh” making its world premiere at SXSW which will undeniably leave you hungry for more. As the oft-kilter compulsive obsessive Jill, her desire to be thin just like her hot room-mate Jennifer pushes her to the brink of psychosis. From the hypnotic yet creepy trailer (above), there’s elements of the ‘torture-porn’ genre I so adore and the Black-Swan like rivalry that’s irrationally absorbing to the mind. Darren Aronofsky and Eli Roth could well come knocking at her door! Bethany may have honed her comedic skills early on in her career but in the indie genre she’s brewing up some devilish macabre. Is envy the root of evil as the journey of Bethany’s character Jill on “Excess Flesh” is one of a descent into tragedy.

She also recently guest-starred on “Stalker” and was a vision of audaciousness despite the line of questioning by the tough Beth Davis (Maggie Q). This girl’s on fire and certainly no pushover very much in keeping with Bethany’s stamp on screen as a powerhouse. The captivators of the world are here and now with Bethany having the edgy allure that we as the audience find mesmerizing.

Do drop by the BETHANY ORR OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates and remember to connect with Bethany on Twitter ( @beloveorr ).

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