SXSW 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Rebecca Henderson


There’s fascinating aspects in the performances of an actress we often form an attraction and Rebecca Henderson has been making her presence felt in a series of compelling features. Audiences have to see her fascinating performance as Maxine, the lover of bisexual Shirin (Desiree Akhavan) in “Appropriate Behavior” which has seen it become an indie fav. Rebecca has acknowledge that the film has been a big part of her life over 2 years and her efforts have paid off, beguiling us as the ‘out and proud’ paramour of Shirin who is a commitment-phobic woman raised on conservative Persian culture. Their clash of ideals results in her separation with Shirin who then descends into turmoil and copes post-breakup with hedonistic pleasures. Rebecca’s fleshing out of a lesbian character who is by no means run of the mill is a telling reminder of her ability to be engaging.

You will be mesmerized by her intensity in the wealth of roles she’s had from starring alongside Greta Gerwig in “Mistress America”, a Sundance hit, appearing in the well-directed “Diving Normal” and of course “Appropriate Behavior”. Great to see her up on screen with Susie Abromeit and Halley Feiffer who have been sizzling this blog for quite some time. At this year’s SXSW, she can be seen in the short film “Actresses”, a comedic take on constructive criticism. Rebecca is also headlining the play called “BRIGHT HALF LIFE” which runs through March 22nd and she’s garnered positive reviews all round. If there’s one talent heading into buzz-worthy territory in 2015, it would be be the charming and accomplished Miss Rebecca Henderson.

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