Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 15 March 2015

1. Clara Pasieka in “Bitten”


– Notable for her role as Gretchen in the sardonic drama “Map To The Stars”, all eyes from Cannes to around the world have been watching Clara intently as this ebullient rising Canadian Star makes inroads into the hearts of audiences.
– Don’t miss her on the werewolf series “Bitten” in the episode ‘Nine Circles’ as Clara a witch whose back story has a major impact on the destiny of all witches (that’s the intriguing on-going plot-line for those who have just jumped into it).
– Actress Genesis Rodriguez how she loves it when fans engage with her and in the same vein the vivacious Clara exudes a cordial and sweet disposition that’s mesmeric.

2. Elizabeth Di Prinzio in “The Culling”

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– This lovely brunette has been one of the first actresses who caught my eye in such an endearing way since I started this blog and why not when she’s so inviting.
– It’s “Village Of the Damned” meets “The Evil Dead” as Elizabeth stars as the heroine Emily in “The Culling”. After helping out a lost little girl, she has to contend with supernatural forces at a remote farmhouse and proves that not all good deeds deserve another.
– With her unmistakable allure, I would have love to see Elizabeth in “The Originals” alongside Phoebe Tonkin who plays Hayley as they could actually play sisters.

3. Alexandra Manea in “Agents Of Shield”

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– Combining charisma and sensuality, Alexandra is a looker and also comfortably versatile in a range of genres.
– If you’re already deep into the Inhumans Lore of Marvel’s “Agents Of Shield, catch Alexandra as a nurse who has her memory wiped clean by a Kree alien known as Vin-tak.
– Slated to appear in the second season of “The Last Ship”, this Latin Vixen with the hot Romanian heritage is on course to spice up TV Land.

4. Susanne Wuest in “The Shaman”


– With the big news that sci-fi short “The Shaman” is premiering at Tribeca and the thrilling trailer garnering tons of view, it’s only fitting to showcase Susanne one of the stars who has been described as strikingly interesting with an amazing range.
– Having wowed the world as the heavily-bandaged post-plastic surgery mother bordering on unstable behavior in the multiple award-winning film “Goodnight Mommy”, Susanne is a wonder to watch.
– On her way to becoming one of Austria’s greatest exports onscreen, the delicately entrancing Susanne is fast becoming a darling to the world.

5. Katie Walder in “Come Back To Me”

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– Her extraordinary sweetness will have anyone glancing with ardor and Katie just keeps getting luminously cuter by the day.
– She shines as the vulnerable Sarah in the paranormal thriller “Come Back To Me” as the woman who discovers shocking secrets that have truly haunting implications!
– On television, she’s often very much an actress with an infectious, perky appeal and Katie also famously appeared as Fate in “Supernatural”. I reckon she would have made quite the impression if she were the one cast as Supergirl on CW.

6. Ilana Guralnik in “Pseudo”

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– The indie romance “Nowhere Girl” got Ilana Guralnik plenty of attention as she shone as Katy who is wrapped in a crazy relationship with a once heartbroken man.
– She returns to her love interest ways in the short film “Pseudo” although in more grim circumstances as a Czech woman who discovers her fiancee’s dark secrets.
– It’s distinctive in the fact that Ilana Guralnik is one of the few Russian-born talents enchanting the indie scene and it’s something we as fans hope she does for some time to come.

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