CIFF 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Angelica Briones

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The darlings of the indie world are beckoning at our doorstep and Angelica Briones is a Latin sweetheart to be adored. Catch her performance in “Love Land”, the tale of adolescence and raging hormones from the perspective of those with intellectual/developmental disabilities. In this humanistic approach that banishes stereotypes, Angelica plays Jeanette who encounters the two main protagonists Ivy (Monica Gaseor) and Oscar (Skyy Moore). It’s not your average love triangle as they indulge in booze and sex but doesn’t everyone want to be normal. This is a film which delves into the struggles of people with disabilities and why we should all do our part in giving more exposure about their condition. Angelica does have a beautiful verve about her, even in some very intense scenes so keep a cherished eye on her in the near future.

Incidentally Angelica is at SXSW in support of another movie “Guest Room” which stars Lauren Potter of “Glee” fame. It’s a drama about the harsh reality life hands us to a woman with Down’s Syndrome when she transitions into adult-hood. She’s certainly quite the luminous gal in Austin Texas! Having seen her reel (above), I was also pleasantly surprised to see her in a web series called “Vigilante” opposite Zach McGowan from popular pirate series “Black Sails”. We always have a thing for likable actresses and Angelica fits the bill of a talent on the cusp of appreciative embrace.

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