Sizzling Cutie: Marah Fairclough

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She’s been lauded as a dream girl and it’s an endearing reference to the inviting features of actress Marah Fairclough. Her enticing disposition in the vein of actresses such as Eliza Coupe and Elisha Cuthbert is justifiably desirable. She is after all eye-catching as Sleeping Beauty in “Avengers Grimm” which has seen many being smitten with the gorgeous and talented female ensemble. Check out what Marah has to say about this very role which she enjoyed greatly and her upcoming projects:

I was fortunate enough to be cast as Sleeping Beauty – endowed with the power to put my enemies to sleep with just a wave of my hand. Sleeping Beauty is the only princess of the group who HASN’T lost someone to the evil power of Rumpelstiltskin. My kingdom has been under siege but no one has been turned into one of his evil thralls and/or killed, like Snow White’s husband. Given that, my character is the only one not so invested in this fight. I’d much rather be back in my kingdom, where I’m comfortable and able to help my kingdom where no one is going in… and no one is able to get out.

I adored my character. She’s strong, able and smart. Although perhaps coming across as sarcastic, dismissive and prissy I found her heart and how she does in fact find the passion to destroy evil and make the wrongs right. After seemingly handing over the mirror to the “dark side”, she sees that she’s made a mistake and seeks to rectify it in the end. She has a heart and I loved playing both her snarky side as well as her powerful, justice seeking, ass-kicking side.

The entire shoot was definitely fast-paced. Shooting a feature in 2-weeks is incredibly ambitious – but the team at Asylum, the cast and the crew were all brilliant, a joy to work with and the kindest people. I have never had so much fun on a shoot than the fun I had on this one.

In the upcoming months I’ll be looking over a few scripts that have come my way; some very promising material. I love when I get a fun, intelligent or inspiring piece of script – we need more writers in this industry and it’s joy to read a new, refreshing stories. I also will be focusing my time and energy commercially; nationals and regionals. I’ve been incredibly blessed during my short time here in LA and I couldn’t have done so and found the momentum that I have without my family who is beyond supportive.

As Sleeping Beauty in “Avengers Grimm”, it’s a thrill to watch her weave magic against her enemies and her personality clash with perceived outsider Red does inject a fascinating sub-plot. The fact that’s she’s playing a heroine with her own personal issues adds a more dynamic realism. Even a fairy-tale character can be flawed and ensures that little extra drama. On the note we can’t wait for Marah to be the darling of our hearts in the near future.

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