Screen Sirens To Crave @ CIFF 2015

1. Beth Grant in “The Bridge Partner”

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– Beth has appeared as some of the most fascinating women on screen, most recently on TV as the often morose nurse Beverly on “The Mindy Project” and she’s magic at making us laugh.
– In her short film “The Bridge Partner” however, she threads the darker side as Mattie Whalen, a woman who unwittingly overhears (or so she thinks) a death threat from a new acquaintance at a weekly bridge game.
– If you think Southern women are sexy than Beth has the distinctive Southern accent that’s so lovable very much in keeping with her sunny personality. She’s a woman with exceptional range and engaging warmth, a charming combo indeed!

2. Ylfa Edelstein in “The Hyperglot”


– Having appeared on “The Knick” alongside Clive Owen” and “The Blacklist” with James Spader, television is the very medium fueling the emergence of the delightful Ylfa.
– Catch her in “The Hyperglot” which is about a man who is an excellent communicator but when it comes to conversing with women, he’s a failure. With her ravishing features, we all should be tongue-tied yet it’s Ylfa’s glow that’s drawing us back for more.
– Her upcoming feature is called “A Reykjavík Porno” which must surely pique avid interest in the always luscious Ylfa.

3. Rachel McKeon in “Homemakers”


– There’s always a generation of indie actresses who can put a spell on us and Rachel is definitely one that’s making us swoon in more ways than one.
– She’s been described as compelling, delivering facets of the characters she plays in atypical fashion and showcasing her opulence as a performer.
– In “Homemakers”, Rachel is a revelation as Irene, the brash leading lady who might be a hot mess but she has a complexity that’s translated on screen with such spunky affectation.

4. Chelsea Rendon in “Ni-Ni”

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– She’s already worked with Kevin Costner in “McFarland USA”, appearing as Sonia Rosaldo who befriends Julie White, Kevin’s daughter in the film when they settle down in McFarland, California, a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood
– With her undeniably exuberant spirit, Chelsea can mesmerize us with ease as will her versatility as a blossoming starlet.
– Don’t miss her vivid performance in “Ni-Ni” as Laura, the girl with her heart focused on helping the boy she once loved who might jus be stumbling back to his old, crime-laden ways.

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