Sizzling Cutie: Alison Rood

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Actresses who can thread the twin genres of comedy as well as drama are look upon with endearment and bubbly Alison Rood will fill us up with affection. Don’t miss Alison in the newest episode of “CSI:Cyber” as her character is at the center of the investigation led by Special Agent Avery Ryan. It starts off in fiery fashion (the likes of Backdraft The Movie) so this is going to be red-hot! Now how often can you say that you’ve rubbed shoulders with Academy Award Winner Patricia Arquette and Dawson Leery a.k.a. James Van Der Beek. Alison also hails from North Carolina and Dawson’s Creek was filmed in Wilmington so there’s a certain connection right there!

Here’s Alison revealing more about her role as well as her other exciting projects:

CSI:Cyber “Fire Code” airs Wednesday March 25 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. I play Stacie Evers, a woman who survives an arson attack. I was able to do some of my own stunts for the opening sequence, and my scene is with Academy Award Winner, Patricia Arquette.

Previous credits include Shameless and Ray Donovan.

When I’m not acting, writing, or learning how to use iMovie, I run my own small personal assistant business called “She Can Do It!” You can find it on yelp!

I’m currently developing a one-woman comedy project called “Roody Tuesdays” which you can find on YouTube later this spring.

For other info: or IMDB!

First off…WOW on the stunt-work which involved some crazy flames and kudos to Alison’s bravery. I reckon a show like “Chicago Fire” would be right up her alley. Noting the fact she’s opposite Patricia who is Miss Prodigious, Alison gave an assured performance which will make viewers look forward to her next role. We already know Andrew Garfield is not returning to the Spider-Man franchise which has now been integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Alison has an upcoming short entitled “Spider Man” which sees her as Mary Jane. Hmmm….Any relation to Spidey I wonder! ‘Moi’ has been lucky to know this generation of TV darlings such as Mallory Moye from “Hart Of Dixie” and Grace Bannon from “The Middle” so it’s time for Alison to shine too.

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