Canadian Film Fest 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Loretta Yu


The luminous Loretta Yu is a girl after our hearts with her sunny disposition a treat for any viewer. She makes it so easy to gravitate towards Canadian actresses as we will be doing ever more often in 2015. She hails from Montreal, Quebec which we all know have seen the mercurial rise of Emmanuelle Chriqui, Missy Peregrym, Meaghan Rath, etc and likewise Loretta is a face to appreciate with avidity. Catch her in “Pretend We’re Kissing” where love can sometimes be exactly like a romantic comedy. There’s no shortage of screen darlings in this one which includes fellow actresses Tommie-Amber Pirie as well as Zoë Kravitz and no surprises her character Lily gets asked on a date by lovelorn lead Benny (Dov Tiefenbach). Take a peek at the scene between the duo from her reel (above) as one can see when it comes to the game of love, there’s something esoteric about it. It’s also opening in theaters in Canada starting April 3rd which also happens to be during my birthday month so that’s cause for some celebration.

Loretta will also be part of a highly anticipated TV series called “Blood And Water” which is a crime drama adored by a host of complex characters. She’s no stranger to television having been on “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “The Listener” and just last year on the Netflix series “Hemlock Grove”. She has high hopes that cinematic roles will no longer be limited to specific ethnicities and allow her to flourish as a lead, possibly a romantic one. As much as history has shown us it has always been an uphill task, Loretta and her talented ilk are changing the status quo with their dedication in telling an entertaining story.

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