Canadian Film Fest 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Emily Coutts

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Emily Coutts is on course to be one of Canada’s buzzworthy upcoming talents and her distinctive verve will most definitely spark an obvious attraction. This year could well be the one where she captivates the globe especially with the premiere of her sublimely charming movie “Barn Wedding”. It has all the ingredients of a must-watch indie romance; the joy, the fears, the tears, perfectly encapsulated with an appealingly, quirky resonance. Emily is thoroughly striking and reminds me of a certain Amanda Seyfried…:)

Here’s some juicy insight on the film and her new must-see projects from Emily:

In Barn Wedding I play Emma, a recently engaged fashion and lifestyle blogger who’s life is going according to planned. When forced to reschedule our picturesque barn wedding to the remote dead of winter, I’m forced to ask myself some serious questions about who I am and what I want. Emma is a really strong and loving person but like most people in their 20’s, wonders what her future will look like and questions what type of person she is meant to be.

I also co produced the film with Shaun Benson and Kelly McCormack and we had the most amazing team on board to help us create this movie from the ground up.

I was also was so blessed to get to work on Guermillo Del Toro’s newest feature, “Crimson Peak”, along side Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam and it will be in theatres in October! Other projects I’ve been working on include a Hallmark Christmas movie “Greatest Party Ever” that aired in December starring Torrie Devitto and another indie film that I am currently developing with Rayisa Kondracki, Clara Altimas and Kat Webber that we plan to shoot this year.

Great to see Emily playing a blogger on the big screen which is certain to give the blogging community such a boost. To see her alongside a mega-watt cast in “Crimson Peak” can only propel her name into the limelight. You won’t want to miss her in “The Girlfriend Experience”, the upcoming TV series based on Steven Soderbergh’s movie of the same name which of course starred pornstar turned actress Sasha Grey. With her penchant for taking on multi-faceted roles, she’s already illustrating her onscreen finesse which coupled with her desirable charisma sees her heading for stardom.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Film Fest 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Emily Coutts

  1. Absolutely and stunningly Amazing Emily Coutts. Good for you, to be able to come from a small town and rise and go so far. Wishing you the best of everything, now and in the future!!

  2. we remember one year, when emily was very young, we asked her what she wanted for christmas (or maybe it was her birthday…) and she’s responded with “a key-tar” (guitar) hahaha. so cute. well it looks like you got it and your creative talents didn’t end there! congratulations emily, keep on rising šŸ™‚ – The Hodges.

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