Phoenix Film Fest 2015 Spotlight: Indie Princess Ashley Olds

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Ashley Olds is a talent for whom the camera naturally has a way of accentuating her captivating personality. This week she’s a dazzler on the red carpet at the Phoenix Film Festival in support of her film “Going Bongo”. Having seen her photos during the movie premiere, Ashley is lovably photogenic in her elegant black dress and shimmers with those endearing features of hers. In fact, she’s a looker in black threads (which she also wore so elegantly in “Going Bongo”) and I’m sure she’ll be ever so graceful in any color. She does play the charismatic fiancĂ© Marina Kezerian who happens to be a Social Climber and instils in her man Dr.Lewis Burger (Ernest Napoleon) this urge to rank up. Inadvertently he ends up doing volunteer work in Tanzania and discovers what life is really about.

Already amazed at the cachet of talents who are en route to capture the world’s attention especially in these busy few days, from Canada and now to Arizona, these are women of the indie genre we very much want to treasure. Ashley was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona so attending the Phoenix Film Festival has to be a sweet homecoming. Easy to fathom why Ashley can be quite the crush which she did embody in the comedy series “Diary Of A Henchman”. If you gaze longingly, this gorgeous brunette is a cross between Lindsey Morgan and Sasha Alexander making Ashley a knockout! Many will soon celebrate her beauty, warmth and of course her ebullience as an entertainer.

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