Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 1 April 2015

1. Miranda Frigon in “Motive”

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– Actress/Singer/Songwriter Miranda is bound to be a crush for many a viewer as she’s the epitome of sensuality and intelligence every time she’s onscreen. One can almost infer to Miranda’s ‘you can’t take you eyes off her’ magnetism as her very own super-power.
– Catch her on “Motive” this week in a meaty role as Olivia Glass, the woman whose husband has an almost god-like complex over her and who is eventually found murdered. In the episode “The Glass House”, Miranda projects her exceptional and riveting range as a driven character who may not be as innocent as she seems.
– It’s time we celebrate Miranda as one of the sexiest women of this era and she could well be regarded as Canada’s Most Enigmatic Sex Symbol.

2. Carrie Genzel in “Dead Rising:Watchtower”

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– Everyone loves a hot mess of a zombie flick and in “Dead Rising:Watchtower”, Carrie is indelibly fascinating as straight-laced anchorwoman Susan Collier who periodically converses with would her zombie slayer Chase Carter (Jesse Metcalfe).
– With her strikingly must adore features and sensual lips, Carrie is another of Canada’s finest who should be lauded as a Sex Symbol!
– Her appearances in the horror genre is always something to crave (she has another horror film called “They’re Watching set in Europe) as she’s proven to be a sassy femme whom we would find to be very addictive.

3. Natasha Blasick in “Playing With Dolls”

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– Will the ravishing Natasha be the Final Girl in the slasher “Playing With Dolls” where voyeurism is taken to the extreme when a serial killer is released for the pleasure of watching him kill unsuspecting women.
– She stars as Cindy who with her life in need of a silver lining decides to accept a paid gig at a cabin in the woods and we all know it’s too good to be true. Natasha is an actress who perpetuates our love for women in horror.
– Natasha has been praised as being one of indie horror genre’s most beautiful eye candy and a reviewer added she’s a face who’s made the whole year tick for him, affirming she’s very much on the desirable scale.

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