Rising Starlet: Lidiya Korotko

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With her beguiling personality, Lidiya Korotko has all the makings of a sweetheart set to be lavished with ardent approval. In the exceptionally absorbing short film “The Other Side”, she’s spot-on a fetching presence as Abby, the earnest in love lesbian who wants her commitment-phobic girlfriend Kate (DeDe Drake) to marry her. Of course their differing views on devotion leads to an encounter in the desert with some unsavory men, proving that love is something we all need to put a lot of work into. Just like Thelma and Louise and with Reese Witherspoon/Sofia Vergara in the upcoming “Hot Pursuit”, it’s Abby and Kate who elevate this entertaining tale of love-hate relationships to such a charming extent.

“The Other Side” has certainly caught the eye of talk show giant Larry King and is telling of the engaging performance essayed by Lidiya. Putting so much careful thought and developing this interesting persona is no easy feat but Lidiya has excelled with flying colors. Both she and DeDe are a match made in heaven, achieving in over 20 mins a camaraderie onscreen that’s funny as well as enthralling. “The Other Side” has already been accepted to the Shorts Corner at this year’s Cannes and is likely to generate quite the buzz for Lidiya. She also had a recurring role as a Russian hooker on the hit series “Shameless” that’s so darkly funny, it’s become an addiction every week thanks to its menagerie of complex female characters. There’s always been an ever-growing passion for actresses who shine in intricate moments of a story and Lidiya could well be one of the blossoming talents we can’t wait to see more of…:)

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