Foxy Femme: Ginger Parker

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Sassy Ginger Parker will catch your eye in a flash and she’s a burgeoning comedienne on the funny path to captivate the world. With her endearing, sensual disposition, Ginger has already sizzle up the red carpet at LAWEBFest 2015 and has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress for her web series “Beverly Pills”. Ginger is the leading lady Scarlett, a socialite who one day happens to see her privileged lifestyle go up in smoke after the FBI seizes her inheritance. In the vein of Nancy Botwin (Weeds), Scarlett concocts a brilliant plan to climb the social ladder again with the sale of prescription drugs. As the episodes unfold, Ginger does give the seemingly pompous Scarlett some shred of humanity even though some may assume she’s a rich bitch with attitude. This alone sets this character apart from those we’ve come across giving an eye-opening merit to “Beverly Pills”.

Ginger of course dons her blonde bimbo boots yet she offers a pleasant surprise to audiences in the development of her ultimately flawed character. Having seen Ginger’s red carpet pics where’s she’s the epitome of sexiness, she’s the perfect choice to embody such an egotistical role. You need to talk the talk and walk the walk so one has to be enticing which Ginger definitely is. Further proof that gorgeous, up and coming talents are rapidly emerging from the web. Her light-heartedness approach throughout “Beverly Pills” does ensure our partiality to ramp up the interest to follow the work of the delectably irrepressible Ginger Parker.

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