Canadian Vixen: Vanessa Walsh

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Blossoming cutie Vanessa Walsh is as richly talented as she is radiant and she could soon be the apple of our eyes. It’s now prevalent in Pop Culture that Canadian Actresses are riding their rightly earned wave of popularity, from Stana Katic (Castle) to Laura Vandervoot (Bitten), the passion for them are an all time high. Likewise Vanessa has the innate potential to be just as desirable to the world.

Audiences would have already caught glimpses of the enticing Vanessa in the very first episode of “Olympus” and things are about to get interesting for her character in this new SYFY series steeped in Greek Mythology. Here’s Vanessa with a tease about her recurring role as Alexa in “Olympus” and her upcoming pet projects:

So Alexa, she is King Aegeus’ courtesan. As you saw in the first episode she is helping Medea keep Aegeus well, as he has been hurt in battle. Alexa was actually picked by Medea to be his courtesan.

As for other projects I’m involved in, well my team and I just completed our short film, Chiral which is now being submitted to festivals around the world. I acted, helped develop story and produced it alongside Karen Lam and Nelson leis. We have another feature film in the works, a tv series and a web series. As you can see I am very interested in creating my own content.

Regarding her work in “Olympus”, she’s acknowledged it was really amazing to get to work on a practical set as opposed to working on a green screen set, which at least half the show is filmed on. Whilst experiencing Ancient Greece, she reckons it’s fantastic and fun to be able to be truly immersed in it. She was able to walk through those giant doors that are so common in those times. Wow! Can’t wait to see her once more in the episode ‘Daedalus’ on April 9th and throughout the season.

As for other actors that Vanessa would like to work with, she has a long list which ranges from Mindy Kaling to Helen Mirren. And she also would love to work with the director Paul Thomas Anderson. A gorgeous face to keep note of, Vanessa could soon be the darling of many.

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