Indie Darlings To Crave @ Worldfest-Houston International Film & Video Festival 2015

1. Marion Kerr in “Une Liberation”

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– Her looks are as versatile as her accomplished talent and Marion can effortlessly embody a woman of any era onscreen, from film noir to the more contemporary modern drama.
– If you are into Agent Carter then Marion’s heroine Juliet in the World War 2 feature “Une Libération”, the brave female American resistance member who is eye-catching as she is fascinating would be likewise be a character to savor.
– Recently, she appeared in Hallmark’s “Romantically Speaking” alongside Heather Morris (“Glee”) and Teri Polo (“Meet the Parents”).

2. Constance Brenneman in “A Lesson Of Love”

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– It’s a given that Constance is regularly getting praised on this blog for she’s a muse of the film world and just like Edie Sedgwick is creating her own pop culture in the indie genre.
– In “A Lesson Of Love”, she’s such an intriguing watch as Abigail Meeks, a woman whose staunch view in religion and the afterlife may just get in the way of her budding romance.
– Such an excellent talent at playing the love interest with enchanting depth irrespective of gender, Constance is on the fast track to become one of the most promising starlets.

3. Christine Weatherup in “Bread And Butter”


– Christine has the natural charm we so often find massively appealing and fills up the screen with luminous authenticity as her quirky character Amelia Karinsky in “Bread and Butter”.
– It was actually her distinctive personality that caught the eye of director Director Liz Manashil and in this era, being unique is being compelling which Christine projects throughout the film.
– Don’t miss Christine in an upcoming episode on “CSI:Cyber” and very likely putting on her scrubs as a doctor which must surely endear her to TV audiences.

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