Sizzling Cutie: Diane Chernansky

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The lovable qualities of actress Diane Chernansky is to be admired and she could soon be on her way in getting a pleasant reception from viewers. If we needed any proof that the Golden Age Of Television is here to stay, one has only to be in constant admiration of the wonderful women shining on the small screen. Diane of course has a recurring role as Heidi who fronts the marketing team at Nucleus in the sophomore season of “Silicon Valley” which just aired. Despite her best efforts, her CEO is quite the taskmaster who urges his team to be the premiere company specializing in data compression. Expect fireworks in the upcoming episodes although secretly we wish he gets his comeuppance for being just rude! But this is reflective of real life when employees are treated badly and maybe Heidi does get to turn the tables which would be so awesome.

The only way to find out is to tune in to this perceptive satire of the tech world steeped in geekdom as Season 2 has generated plenty of positive reviews. Likewise Diane has a tenderness that warm the hearts and no wonder she’s been cast as Rose Matthews, an affectionate mom in her upcoming feature “Exit Zero”. I’ve just been commended on being a follower and supporter of independent films so it’s a given to be a champion of women on TV who have been known to dazzle in both. With the world hooked on scripted storytelling, there’s every chance many would be enamored with the lovely Diane Chernansky.

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