Rising Starlet: Jessie Ennis

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Effervescence is becoming a trait that’s so desirable and actress/director Jessie Ennis has plenty of the aforementioned luminous charm. She’s already adding a sprinkle of sparkle in the premiere of Veep which is in its 4th Season. Jessie will be alongside leading lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Anna Chlumsky who are all cuties by the way. She was also recently on another series “Red Band Society” as well as starring alongside Amy Sedaris and Michael Cera in the comedy “Hits”.

Jessie has so kindly give us a tease of her role in “Veep” and some of the interesting projects she’s done:

I play Lee, a social inept White House staffer. I had such a great time working with them. Everyone there is so welcoming and smart. It’s a wonderful place to work. I’m excited to watch it when it airs.

I’m also a filmmaker. I write dark comedy. My first short film “The Arm” won a Special Jury Prize in Comedic Storytelling in 2012.

In Hits I play Juli, Katelyn’s very supportive best friend. They live in Liberty NY and work at the local bar together. Juli doesn’t have any real aspirations in life. She’s a very simple person. She reads tabloid magazines and is texting constantly. The film is a cautionary tale about fame. David Cross wrote and directed it. I was thrilled to get to be a part of it as I have looked up to David since birth. He and my dad were college roommates and their sick sense of humor and twisted forms of storytelling is what I strive to emulate.

Wow! It’s a coup that Jessie managed to get Brie Larson to appear in her award-wining short “The Arm” as she’s seriously one of my fav onscreen talents. Certainly comedy is in her blood seeing how her dad is John Ennis who is notable for his comic work on television. Jessie also reminds me of fellow comedienne Mary Lynn Rajskub who has been described as cheerfully vulgar and with Jessie’s designs on crafting doses of warped humor, she could be just as successful on that front. Perhaps a reunion with Ms Brie Larson for her future feature steeped in wry, quick-witted amusement. Jessie’s a girl after our funny bone, what more can one ask for…:)

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