Rising Starlet: Jamie Bock

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Her pleasing sereneness is perfectly eye-catching and Jamie Bock could soon scale the heights of adoration. In what has been a whirlwind of an acting career, Jamie nabbed a great part on the latest episode of fan-favorite TV series “Criminal Minds” airing on 22nd April. We’ve seen time and time again how the small screen have unearthed stars in the making and I for one have been lucky to be acquainted with several amazing women. This very list of actresses making their mark on television is getting longer by the week and it’s tempting me to start another blog focused solely on captivators of the small screen. Keep your eyes fixated on Jamie for she has the potential to be the face to love.

Here’s Jamie giving us some insight into her role in what is a very creepy episode of “Criminal Minds” and the various indie projects she’s starring in:

I just moved to LA after spending time in New York City and CRIMINAL MINDS was the first TV audition I went on after moving to the west coast!
In the upcoming episode of CRMINAL MINDS “Mr. Scratch” (directed by series-regular Matthew Gray Gubler) I play Mary Kinderman who gets questioned by investigators regarding her ex-husband’s death. Matthew was a joy to work with – he’s so funny and down to earth.

I can be seen in the independent feature OVUM that is currently doing the festival circuit (written and starring Sonja O’Hara, along with Hassan Johnson from THE WIRE and Rutanya Alta from MOMMY DEAREST). OVUM just won best feature at the Brooklyn Girl Film Festival.

I also just worked on another indie feature, ME & LIZZIE, starring Lucy DeVito (IT’s ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILEDELPHIA) and Cathy Curtin (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). It’s a dark comedy about a serial monogamist who finds out rebounding can be murder. Currently in post-production.

“Criminal Minds” is undeniably riveting so catch Jamie at her emotive best in the scenes with Thomas Gibson. Expressing feelings be it happy and in her character’s a longing sadness can be achieved by many means and Jamie uses her mesmerizing eyes to great effect. Her work on “Criminal Minds” is another feather in her cap having earned rave reviews in the theater scene thanks to her excellence as a talent with the company FLEA founded Sigourney Weaver and Jim Simpson. Jamie is becoming quite the enchanter across mediums and we can’t wait to witness her ascendency in the industry.

Remember to find out more about this future star at the JAMIE BLOCK OFFICIAL SITE

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