Indie Princess: Satomi Hofmann


How can we not love the femmes of the indie genre when they come in the luscious form of Satomi Hofmann. Besides being central to the cast of “The Phantom Of The Opera” on Broadway, this actress/musician is similarly charming her way into our hearts. April has certainly been a high point for the festival circuit and viewers will be able to catch Satomi in “Stuck” which screens at this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival.


Here’s more juicy updates on the various features she’s been a big part of and why she’s a whiz with the guitar:

“Burning Down” is a beautiful short film that tells the story of an NY firefighter and first responder to 9/11. He descends into alcoholism and chemical dependency after he discovers his son has been diagnosed with autism leaving his wife (me) to hold the family together. It is a heart-wrenching and heart-warming drama based on true events that addresses important issues like autism, alcoholism and chemical dependency, birth defects, and child abuse. I am proud to be a part of this project and am blessed to have had such a wonderful role! We had SO much fun shooting- which is funny, considering how harrowing the storyline is. But that’s what happens when you get an outstanding team on set!

“Stuck” is the story of an agoraphobe living in New York City. When his old psychiatrist gives up on him, his new psychiatrist (me) challenges him in unusual ways to reconnect with the outside world. This touching and surprisingly funny feature film delves into the separation many of us feel in this modern age where life can so easily be lived at the stroke of a keyboard and literally facing the world outside can be the challenge of a lifetime. I loved playing this role, not only because I get to be a catalyst for John, but also because it reminded me to get my own ass out the door (can I say ‘ass?’) and connect with people that I love! Oh- and the food was AMAZING. I mean, seriously. Our writer/director/lead actor is an incredible cook, as is one of our producers, and the film had a lot of home-made food in it so… well… SOMEONE had to eat it! Watch the film. You’ll see… Yum…

I always have other irons in the fire. At the risk of rattling off a resume… If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a full-time cast member at The Phantom of the Opera where I understudy Carlotta Giudicelli and Madame Giry and perform regularly in a featured role in the ensemble. I was a founding member of the all-female Celtic rock band, Killian’s Angels. Although I left the band to move east, I still pull out my guitar and spoons for gigs out here. I started out as a classical pianist and still love to play. And I occasionally take breaks from Phantom to do to other projects like “Stuck” and “Burning Down” and I was recently on Showtime’s “The Affair.”

Wow! There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Satomi with her having been on one of the biggest hits shows on TV and the fact that she’s a multi-instrumentalist rock chick! Come September 11, her short “Burning Down” will be even more resonating for everyone touched by the tragedy that took away countless lives and where the repercussions after became such a struggle for so many. The point of view from Satomi’s character is going to be moving and probably leave us shedding tears.

Drop by the SATOMI HOFMANN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest news.

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