The Must Watch Women @ Newport Beach Film Festival 2015

1. Adriana Mather in “Honeyglue”


– Adriana Mather is on course to capture the world’s attention in the thought-provoking film “Honeyglue”. Exceptionally watchable as Morgan, a woman with only 3 months to live who discovers unexpected love with a cross-dresser and turns her conservative views on its head.
– Having already won “Best Breakout Actress” for her work as “Vera” in the festival favorite film “Eat Spirit Eat” at the 2013 AFI Hamptons film festival, her standout work in “Honeyglue” will reverberate in absorbing fashion which should put her in line for many more awards.
– Seeing how it’s my birthday today on 27th April, it’s a blessing to take in the joys of storytelling by a gifted indie darling such as Adriana.

2. Mary Kate Wiles in “The Sound and The Shadow” & “Hello My Name Is Frank”


– Is there any doubt that the comely Mary Kate Wiles is a fixture whenever a film festival comes along and she’s such an endearing actress across multiple mediums.
– First up she can be seen as the boisterous room-mate Ally who stumbles into a missing persons case in “The Sound And The Shadow”. Her second feature threads the dramedy path with Mary playing Kim a sweet and naïve teen who goes on a road trip with Frank, a Tourette Syndrome sufferer.
– Having already won an Emmy for her outstanding resonance in the web series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, I’m waiting to see her get an Oscar nomination for her impressively authentic yet always compelling performances in the near future.

3. Lisa Ovies in “Shooting The Musical”


– Lisa Ovies has that indomitable indie spirit and she’s fast becoming the face to covet with memorable performances in numerous noteworthy features. Plus she’s admirably easy on the eyes and so we shall indeed be captivated.
– Whether it’s comedy, drama or horror, she’s very much one of Canada’s rising starlets with her energetic expressiveness a big draw on top of being an award-winning film-maker.
– The intriguing “Mop King” did put Lisa on the map and she’s followed up with “Take My Parents To Burning Man” as well as the mockumentary “Shooting The Musical”.

4. Jessa Zarubica in “Pearly Gates”


– Catch charismatic blonde Jessa Zarubica in the indie musical/comedy “Pearly Gates” which delves into how our lives are dependent on time and how best we make use of it.
– Jessa did an amazing turn as jailbird Piper in the parody “Orange Is The New Black & Sexy” whose incarceration leads to hilarious pop cultural references. Get her on the new season of “Orange Is The New Black” I say!
– Slated to appear in the sci-fi western actioner “Wet Paint” starring Scott Grimes of “Family Guy” fame which is about a new civil war in the US, her choice of roles are really proving to be mighty fascinating.

5. Chauntal Lewis in “Welcome To Happiness”


– Chauntal Lewis appears in the fantastical tale “Welcome To Happiness” where a man discovers a mystical doorway that changes his life forever.
– Having recently appeared in the horror flick “Coffin Baby”, she is very much adored thanks to her breakout portrayal as the daughter of a commune leader “The Commune”.
– An inspirational figure throughout her career, Chauntal is proof that disabilities (having lost her hand in a car accident) are not a barrier when it comes to touching people with stories.

6. Gigi Rice in “Safelight”


– This blog regularly celebrates the sexiest women and Gigi Rice belongs in the pantheon of women who have an enduring appeal that’s glorious.
– She’s been an enchanter on a host of TV shows most notably “Army Wives” and recently gave a memorable performance as a determined mother trying to save her daughter in “Mission Air”.
– Look out for Gigi in the romantic drama “Safelight” of two kindred souls with a passion for photographing lighthouses starring one of my fav English actresses Juno Temple.

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