Indie Princess: Tiffany Mualem

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Multi-talented Tiffany Mualem is a burgeoning indie starlet defined by her impressive turns on stimulating stories that touch the mind and heart. She stars in “The Frame” which is that rare breed of film that’s a fantastical journey and a story of the humanity of relationships. Inter-dimensional rifts have never been this surrealistic and riveting which is testament to director writer/director Jamin Winans of “Ink” fame. Likewise he picked the perfect leading lady in Tiffany who is as attractive as she is convincingly absorbing. With “The Frame” doing so well on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant download with collective praise worldwide, Tiffany is likewise on course for an ever-growing fondness.

Here’s Tiffany describing more about her role and her future projects including her desire for all things musical:

I play Sam an independent, strong paramedic with a troubled past wanting to make a better life for herself. Without giving away a lot of the “goods” of the film, she randomly (or not) crosses paths with Alex, also troubled, and together (or not) they try to figure out what the heck’s going on. Lots of interesting things ensue- to say the least. I had an indescribably amazing time with the talented, passionate cast and crew. You’ll see me comforting a child, dealing with weird “evil” people and though I wish I had more of a “fight scene” you’ll see me beating a person up maybe even two if you watch it to the end

I’m currently working on a short film I wrote, will direct and produce as well as another project I’ll be co-starring in as well as co-producing and singing songs for the soundtrack all with the goal of completion set for late summer.

Annnnnd….Singing is always a huge part of my life and I’m putting a bit more focus on that too lately.

Seeing how Tiffany makes for a captivating paramedic, it would be awesome if she got to do it on an episodic basis say in a show such as “Chicago Fire”. Tiffany’s steely, heroic portrayal in “The Frame” deserves to be appreciated on a much longer span and TV would be the perfect medium to take in all that is fascinating about her. She is proof that the women who are fronting the indie genre are destined for approval by a global audience.

Drop by the TIFFANY MUALEM OFFICIAL SITE for more info.

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