Suncreen Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Briana Looby

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We do love when the radiant features of an actress are appealing and the dazzling smile of Briana Looby is indeed worthy of adoration. Just as all indie sweethearts have made us take notice, Briana’s body of work will find favor with the fans of the genre. She’s appearing in the sky-high comedy “Skid” which screens at this year’s Sunscreen Film Festival. Expect a bumpy ride and a host of colorful people in this hilarious flight of fancy.

Here’s Briana describing more about her role in “Skid” and her upcoming appearances:

I play FBI agent Dee Tasler in the upcoming feature SKID. In that movie everything seems to be going wrong for her and she can’t catch a break. Lol I played the villain in No Rest for the Wicked. It’s a western in post production and will be released in 2015. Being the bad girl was exhilarating and so much fun. I recently wrapped the short Ronnie Bodean. I worked along side of Wes Studi who is an amazing actor. (He was Last Of The Mohicans, Dances With Wolves, etc.) I played a white trash mother down on her luck. The cops haul me off to jail and my kids are left being watched by Ronnie.

Briana once remarked affectionately that she loved history and exploring a character’s psyche/background and finding out what inspires them. Seeing how she’s a villain and involved in a feature set in the wild wild west, it will be interesting to see her interpretation as Briana has such sweet features which is certainly playing against type. Seeing her in a different light on screen is testament to her versatility which is very much welcomed. Watch this comely blonde blossom with some sparkle!

Remeber to drop by THE BRIANA LOOBY OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates.

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