Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 6 May 2015

1. Deanna Pak in “Prom Ride”

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– Deanna has been lauded as an absolute delight, a fitting praise for this exotic beauty with the exquisiteness that dazzles whenever she takes to the screen.
– Blossoming Scream Queen and genuine sweetheart Deanna Pak stars in the slasher flick “Prom Ride” which sees a group of friends attacked by a methodological killer on the night of their senior prom.
– She plays Junie, a vision of innocence throughout albeit with several skeletons in her closet but the question is will she be the Final Girl?

2. Alexandra Bard in “Strange Blood”

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– Her pull factor lies in her ravishing green eyes that gives Alexandra a most striking allure, a very much Emmy Rossum-like magnetism.
– In “Strange Blood”, the horror film that’s Hellraiser meets Dracula, Alexandra stars as Gemma, the assistant who deals with her mentor’s gradual loss of humanity to a vampiric parasite when his experiments on a universal cure for diseases goes awry.
– The engaging complexity she instills in her character Gemma bodes well for Alexandra, cementing her innate potential as an indie talent to be coveted.

3. Tasha Ames in “2 Broke Girls”

– Tasha Ames has consistently caught the eye across multiple mediums, from playing the wise werewolf Eve in “The Originals” to charming us on the western-set web series “Quick Draw” as the lovable widow Livinia Webb.
– She adds endearing comic flavor as the mom of a well-endowed aspiring model in this week’s frisky episode of “2 Broke Girls”. Kudos to her for a most awesome Irish accent!
– Don’t miss Tasha as the leading lady in the upcoming “Women And Sometimes Men”, the enlightening tale of a woman torn between her passion for both genders as she goes on a journey of sexual awakening.

4. Barbara Nedeljakova in “Just One Drink”


– Famed for her saucy and eventual evil turn in “Hostel”, Barbara has been a much adored mainstay in the horror genre, regularly captivating us in her other features such as “The Hike” and “Strippers Vs Werewolves”.
– She channels her femme fatale ways once more in the short film “Just One Drink” as an enigmatic widow who lures young men to her apartment but what happens after could turn out to be very deadly!
– If you’re desiring an actress with the natural charisma then Barbara is your gal for she’s both a Goddess and a talent that evokes avid interest every time she’s in front of the screen.

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