Cannes Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Dixie Perkinson

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Cannes is the perfect platform to sway us into cherishing comediennes and in Dixie Perkinson we have a perky talent who is impeccably adorable. Before you can say show her some geeky love, just for the fact that she’s a creative force will have many holding her in high regard. I reckon “The Big Bang Theory” would be a show she’ll fit right in and Natalie channels the social awkwardness in dazzling fashion for her short “Becca & Molly”. Such perfect timing indeed this Mother’s Day especially when “Becca & Molly” deals with our love for mums although this one in rather surprising ways. Check out some of scenes from her reel alongside Beth Grant (of The Mindy Project fame) who plays her mother(above).

On TV she has been in “Wilfred” where she played Joanne, a postal worker, working with Elijah Wood and Jason Gann who according to Dixe were totally awesome as well as nice. She also writes with her friend Nathalie Antonia ( with one of their films the award-winning “GWYNDOR” hitting the festival circuits as it should be admired by the masses. “GWYNDOR” was a personal story to both of them as it dealt with an imperfect father. Dixie also works commercially and has done over 20 national commercials including a Super Bowl commercial. To top it off, she writes and produce a lot of comedy videos for the internet which most can be found on my website: A fun infotainment portal indeed, very much befitting Dixie’s colorful personality and we can’t wait to see even more glowing shades of her.

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