Rising Starlet: Joanna Ignaczewska


Threading the doll-like and muse-worthy attractiveness that evokes a veritable magnetism, Joanna Ignaczewska is a rapidly blossoming leading lady. She is the star of “The Scopia Effect” that is an eye-opening and riveting look at the consequences of hypnotic regression, a scientific treatment that most of us are not privy to. As the white-collar office worker Basia she undergoes this procedure in the hopes of curing her mild depression but the side-effects are far worse than any treatment or drugs can administer. Her troubled past lives start coming to the fore and dark forces threaten her very sanity. “The Scopia Effect” bases itself on making viewers think and Joanna strings the story together as the emotional core of a sci-fi horror film that’s as much a rich tapestry thanks to its brilliant cinematography as it is an indie gem.


London based Polish cutie Joanna has a vulnerability that’s perfect for emotionally-driven moments on screen and many more roles will surely fall on her lap. In fact, 2015 is a busy year ahead for her as she is also in “Dark Signal”, a compelling ghost story which is produced by genre legend Neil Marshall famed for being the creative brains of “The Descent” (still a Top 10 most favorite horror movie for me). He clearly propelled the emergence of MyAnna Buring who happens to be another London based European actress and Joanna could well be getting a similar recognition from a global audience pretty soon. 2015 is turning out to be a dazzling year for the stirring Joanna Ignaczewska and the effusive praises are set to ring in for her.

Drop by the Joanna Ignaczewska OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates on the career of this stunning actress.

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