Canadian Vixen: Aria DeMaris

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Canada’s hottest women have always been a sizzling mix of cultures and we’ll be attuned to the sauciness of El Salvador born actress Aria DeMaris in no time. This multilingual performer is a lady who will conjure avid interest just as much as she’ll leave you swooning at her innate Latina sex appeal. Catch her in this week’s episode of “Motive’ as Tammy,a sexy bartender at the strip club Blu Lounge whose boss comes under questioning in a twisted murder case of a plastic surgeon. The deaths are easily some of the most gruesome with one where entrails are macabrely hanging outside the body in what seems like plastic surgery gone wrong. With the case brewing she’s called in to an interview with Detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) where the plot thickens. On TV, Aria also played a vampire who manages to survive in the face of certain death by the Winchester brothers in “Supernatural” which we know doesn’t happen very often.

On the theme of horror, Aria did indeed mesmerized as Maya, a woman who exacted vengeance on the abusive men of her dark past in the short film “Dia De Los Muertos”. Her spanish roots came in good stead for her femme fatalistic ways onscreen as the “Dia De Los Muertos” went on to garner numerous nominations at the British Horror Film Festival. Incidentally she’s currently based in London and I hope this sassy actress gets called for a role on “Game Of Thrones” someday, considering how stunning the women are on that show! Aria has spoken of her fascination with anything to do with fantasy so it would be almost predestined. Plus the fact she’s gifted at writing, directing and even as an animator proves her worthiness of anyone’s ardor. Aria is a genuine creative canvas of enchantment with the potential to generate much fervor in viewers.

Drop by the ARIA DEMARIS OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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