Foxy Femme: Alicia Vela-Bailey

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Alicia Vela-Bailey is the epitome of being bold and beautiful with her appearance on TV guaranteed to get a round of tributes. We love our women dangerously sexy and Alicia plays Alisha, a fearless Inhuman on the season finale of “Agents Of Shield” this week. She takes on both Skye and Melinda May as a kick-ass Inhuman with the ability to perfect copies of herself very much like the powers wielded by Multiplex on “The Flash”. Leaving Skye aka Daisy Johnson/Quake with a bloodied face is no mean feat and her athleticism is to be roundly applauded as she did showcased her perfect repertoire of martial arts. Did you know she’s also the stunt double for Adrianne Palicki who is Bobbi Morse on “Agents Of Shield”? Alicia is truly one of the unsung heroes and come the Taurus Awards, she should be in the running for a deserved recognition. Those peeps at NBC would be wise to get her a stint on the upcoming show “Heroes Reborn” (anoint her with some cool powers) !

It Girl Shailene Woodley has lauded Alicia as a ‘Bad Ass’ and that has to be the ultimate endorsement of Alicia’s abilities as a daredevil. In “Divergent” doubling for Shailene, Alicia actually did a stunt falling down 70 feet and that’s an incredible accomplishment. Imagine doing those stunts on heels! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Just like the adrenaline rush coursing through your veins, Alicia is starting May on a high and we can’t wait for more action packed moments from her.

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